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Education and Work Experience

  Our Chief Executive Officer, Gregory O. Perkins Sr., had the pleasure of obtaining a Master Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Mr. Perkins is a certified law enforcement officer, a certified law enforcement instructor in Georgia, and held every position of a police officer, from a jailor at the Hancock County Sheriff Office, road officer, Investigator, to Chief of Police for the City of Union Point, Georgia, Later in his career, Mr. Perkins became a certified School Resource Officer for the Richmond County School System, Public Safety Division in Augusta, Georgia. Mr. Perkins was the first officer to receive the only award given by the VFW in Greene County Georgia for his steadfast work within the community in solving cases, reducing crimes, gaining control over drug and alcohol impaired drivers, domestic violence cases and building stronger police-community relations.


 Having started many businesses, such as Perkins Painting Company and More, Dregnoc and Benk Productions, Dregnoc Productions, Lando NXT Productions, Perkins Security and Global Panacea Solutions gives Mr. Perkins a vast understandings of planning with the intentions of succeeding. The better you plan, the more successful your business venture will become. Do you understand that most new companies fail within the first five years of its inception? Understanding your failures make you stronger, and it is not a show of your unsuccessfulness. Understanding LIFO, FIFO, L.E.A.N. 6,  Accounting, Proper Inventory, Branding, Proper Marketing, Audience Targeting, providing a reliable product, and a reliable delivery ability, (logistics), insure the quality of your product is being delivered safely and on time to your customers involves everyone,  from the line workers within the establishment, delivery, to administration.

Another Chance Christian Ministries


Established church that was at the point of foreclosure. I was asked to come in to do an assessment of the financial opportunities to raise funds to keep the doors open. The final results were determined that all opportunities were exhausted and each member were placed in a new church home, that met their spiritual needs with accommodations.

Interim Pastor for Tree of Life in Washington, Georgia

JULY 2002 - OCTOBER 2002

I was requested to come in to give the church a new perspective of how the church could operate. We started with canvasing the community. Membership grew exponentially during an a short planned revival with no end date. The community understood the concept of how the church could influence the area in which it is located. The church was turned over to another pastor to where he is currently at now.

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